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First of all you’re probably thinking its spelt something not “sumat” but here in West Yorkshire we say sumat so thought I’ll stick with that.

My main job and background is in demolition something I’ve done since school and something I continue to do whilst also turning my passion for weird, old and beautiful items into a business.

In demolition you come across weird and wonderful pieces of architectural and industrial pieces on most jobs which is where I learned to enjoy the selling side of things, finding people who appreciate the things you do whilst also seeing value where other people may see junk.

In 2020 during the pandemic I decided I would start venturing into buying more instead if relying purely on what we may find on site and I must say a massive influence on this decision was Drew Pritchard and salvage hunters.

The antiques world is a scary place especially with little knowledge but my way of learning is to jump in headfirst, buying selling, reading and learning through mistakes made.

Fast forward to today my knowledge is growing constantly and people seam to like the things I buy, which is why I decided to have the website created so we as a business can continue to grow and share our beautiful finds with you all.

We appreciate every single customer and will do our best to make this your go to shop when you want to find “sumat” different for your house or garden.

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